Tuesday, March 13, 2007


. Heleyna had her Majlis Aqiqah on Sunday the 4th of March 2007. Invites were out really late (coz we decided on havin the function towards the very last minute - thanks to all who actually made it; sorry to all that we missed out...). Only had a week to prepare for everythin but I guess it turned out well. 'Tumbang Kambing Sekor' and the catering was deliciously prepared by de5 (our very own restaurant at Section 5 - Kota Damansara). Menu of the day; the famous 'de5 Nasi Tomato' and de5's special 'Gulai Kambing' and 'Kambing Masala'. Other supplements include satay, kuih muih, this yummy-licous 'Moist Chocolate Cake' (just like one we used to get from LAKE CLUB after each swimming lesson) and a specially formulated home made 'Dadih' dessert.

Heleyna's crib was tastefully decorated by Mak Anjang and Mak Su (thanks a bunch aunties), enhanced with matching helium balloons and a huge butterfly shaped balloon. Proud to say that this was my idea.. Check it out...


.ems gems. said...

comel nyee baby leyna!!!

its a shame i wasnt part of the whole thing :(

but congratulations anywayyyy. wanna see more photos please? mwahs

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

yeap me too MeEma..wish i was there too!So sweet kan the concept all?Blom birthday lagi..hrmmm start thinking of her 1st yr bday theme.. ehehhe LOVE U MISS U THE NAZRINS!!!